Now more than ever, non-profits, schools, churches and other organizations are in need of an easy an affordable way to raise badly needed funds.

Discount Cards
Currently we have answered the call through our partnership with the Card of Savings discount and promotions cards. Many local businesses have contributed their discount offers to make an impact in their community by helping organizations while at the same time giving a boost not only to their businesses, but to the local economy.

Photo Fundraiser
This fundraiser serves as a way to have either portraits or candid shots taken of people in your group or organization. The photos are then sold to parents, family members, friends, etc to support your group!
Why do your next fundraiser with us? There is no up-front investment, no inventory, no food spoilage, useful products, supports the local economy, low cost makes it affordable.

For more information please call us or email sales@bigvalleyads.com.
Community & Fundraisers
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